Design, silence and saving

New hobs have the best suction capacity by extraction or air recirculation thanks  to the new perimeter extraction systems. Due to the new features they also create a warm and nice atmosphere in your kitchen, without odors and removing noise, with integrated designs and with the right light for the perfect environment.

Island hoods

Teka island hoods have a powerful extraction system with different shapes and sizes. It is the best choice for open concept kitchens due to our astonishing designs. They are also available in different finishes: stainless steel, white glass, black glass, etc.

UltraSlim hoods

Decorative hoods are designed in different finishes, like ultra slim, pyramid design, vertical, rustic or ceiling. Many options to choose the one you need and fits your personality and style.

Built-in hoods

On the other hand, built-in hoods fit perfectly with your kitchen furniture. These models and the removable hoods expand absorption area when you really need it, remaining invisible the rest of the time.

Classical hoods

At last, classical hoods bring you very good features and comfort, with easy use and installation. All these hoods are available in different sizes from the smallest 50cm models to the biggest ones, with 120cm. You can combine them with our wide range of hobs to get the most of your recipes and the highest efficiency in your kitchen.